Got Scale?

If you have the game, we have the people.

Our seasoned team has led deployment, growth, and monetization of top grossing, free-to-play mobile games for close to half a billion installs. We try to give every game its best chance to perform and find an audience that pays well. Maybe yours will be our next mega-hit!!


Every successful publisher needs to a certain skill set and experience level to deliver amazing results. Here are a few examples of our capabilities in motion.


UA Power Ups
Even Older Games of Quality can see Fresh Results. Paid marketing or UA is the norm these days. Faily Brakes, by Spunge Games, was a global franchise hit game that is now more than 3 years old. With the necessary metrics achieved for the fully localized version, we started paid marketing in December 2018. Within 30 days, our monthly UA spend for that title was already $200k and at a highly worthwhile day 14 ROAS. This brought fresh financial success to the game and retired the MG very early in the contract cycle.
"If your game has the right metrics, we have both the experience and the resources to support its paid marketing at scale."
Show Me the Money!
Ads are now a mainstay for monetizing casual, free-to-play games globally, and China is no exception. In fact, the rates in China for ads have been among the most competitive in the world, but most Western companies are unaware of that. Like many publishers in China, we have our own ad tech to accomplish this. Unlike most other publishers here though, our robust proprietary mediation and ad net power about 50 million DAU of other peoples’ apps and games, such as for Hipster Whale and PicsArt.
"Publish with us and get this world class monetization supporting your game in China today. Or if you have lots of iOS traffic already, contact us to find out about making more ad revenue now! reach out to us now!"
From 0 to 100+ million in 50 Flat
Enormous scale is what most publishers strive for, but very few actually achieve. Fortunately, this team was central to a massively popular and successful F2P game in China. It saw hundreds of millions of downloads and financial success for several years. Our current core team of 50 people are mostly made up from the same team that achieved this big hit game. We are standing by ready for the next big opportunity...maybe it is with your game.
"We know casual games, the China market, at least 100 of the most important marketing channels, have the UA experience and resources necessary for scale, and have our own market proven ad monetization. Put all of this to work for your game - Contact us today!"

Repeat Business 再来一遍

This means “bring me another” in Chinese and often refers to a round of drinks. For us, we are using it here to emphasize one key metric for this industry, repeat business. We probably get more repeat business than any other mobile publisher in China. Contact us to find out why.


As a publisher of casual, ad supported games, one of the first things we built alongside one hundred or more marketing channels was our proprietary ad tech. Now more than 3 years in, this part of our business has a life of its own, powering well more than 50 million DAU of 3rd party apps and games globally. If you have China users at scale, you should probably talk to us to see if we can help. In most cases, You do not need to give up your global mediation or existing partners to do so.

Make More, Work Less

As a team that has led the publishing and monetization of a major hit game, we know that managing ad monetization can be a pain for many teams. Our solution therefore simple and effective, and allows you to focus on your core business, making and or publishing great content. If we can help, let us know!



Our China Working Partners


Our China Working Partners